The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

Looking for an artistic deck with easy-to-read imagery that evokes a mood? Look no further! The Wild Unknown, created by Kim Krans in 2007 is an excellent deck for developing your intuition and giving beautiful, thought-provoking readings.

Animal Imagery and Color of the Deck

One of the most intriguing things about the Wild Unknown deck is its use of animals instead of humans. The deck creates a hierarchy between the cards reflecting the order of the animal kingdom. The choices of animals such as owls (swords), snakes (wands), swans (cups) and deer (pentacles) in the different court cards mirrors the qualities of the suits, allowing the reader to extract meaning from their understanding of the animal’s characteristics. All the animals are drawn with unique expression and movement helping to set a strong individual tone of each card. Furthermore, the artist has shown deference and vulnerability in the animals by choosing to draw them as either younger or older animals – a chick represents The Fool, in comparison to a lion for Strength. Krans has also used a lot of black fine lines in juxtaposition with splashes of color in many of the cards to portray with accuracy the energy of the card’s meaning. Cards that are prominently drawn in color are those with extremely positive interpretations and when placed beside others during a reading, the stark contrast mirrors the ups and downs of life.

Nature Imagery of the Deck

I’m particularly drawn to Krans’ use of nature throughout the deck as well – particularly her use of trees and branches to represent growth, stability and structure. She portrays The Emperor and The Empress as trees in an opposing fashion. The Emperor is drawn as a tall, black, sturdy tree with even branches on a white backdrop beneath what looks like a sun during an eclipse. This accurately reflects the meaning of the card – stability, structure, order and divine masculine energy. The Empress on the other hand, is a flourishing, white tree drawn on a balck background with pink around the edges of her branches. The tree stands unkempt, full and abundant beneath a crescent moon. This is indicative of the meaning of the card – divine feminine energy (mother nature), abundant, caring and beautiful with the moon representing her intuition. What’s really interesting about the two cards is that they reflect the masculine energy’s pursuit of the 3D (daytime, the conscious mind, things that can be seen) and the feminine energy’s pursuit of the 5D (nighttime, the unconscious mind, the unseen).

Krans has also used roses sporadically throughout the deck to depict love, small flowers and tree buds to represent emerging ideas. Her drawings are consistent with the original meanings of the cards but add a flair of mystery that allow for interesting and insightful interpretation.

The cards of the wild unknown tarot deck

Size and Feel of the Cards

Much the same as the Rider Waite deck, the cards are standard sized Tarot cards, slightly larger than playing cards with a matte finish. Their backing is a navy and white diamond pattern. The deck comes as a box set wrapped delicately with a ribbon. In the box set, you will receive with the deck of cards along with a 200-page guidebook offering interpretations on each of the cards as well as some useful spreads for reading.

I cannot recommend this deck enough. Not only are the cards beautiful and thought-provoking, but I think they offer their reader an opportunity to really develop their intuition and hone their craft. Explore the mystery of Tarot, develop your skills and give deep, compelling readings with the Wild Unknown deck.

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