The Moonology Oracle Deck

This is the ideal deck for moon-lovers looking to supplement their Tarot readings with exciting oracle cards! Since the success of her book, Moonology, astrologer Yasmin Boland has created a 44-card Oracle deck that offers clarity and insight using moon phases, positions and zodiac signs.

Imagery and Working with the Deck

The cards offer guidance on love, money, career, relationships, health, healing, movement and changes working with beautiful and easy-to-interpret imagery of the moon and corresponding astrological symbols. The deck is divided into the phases of the moon (full, new, quarter, crescent and super) or moon positions in the star signs or houses. Their imagery is complemented by a direct phrase at the base of the card such as “a fiery climax approaches” or “show the world the real you.” The messages on the cards offer little room for confusion, which is perfect for someone who may be new to divination or seeking a clear answer. Working with moon magic can be very powerful and this deck is a great choice for those who want to learn more about astrology and harnessing the moon’s power.

Size and Feel of the Cards

Like most Oracle decks, the Moonology cards are larger than standard Tarot-sized cards. They have a matte finish and come in a box with an insightful guidebook. The cards can be a little challenging to shuffle due to their size, but this is typical of Oracle decks. Pull a card at the beginning of your reading to set the theme or pull one at the end as parting guidance. The deck is perfect for encouraging reflection and pointing their reader in the right direction.

For more information on oracle cards, please review my guide on what are oracle cards? To learn what to do with your new deck, please review our complete guide on how to shuffle Tarot cards.

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