How to Read Tarot for Someone Else

Bonnie Jean

It can be a little daunting reading for others at first. It’s best to be honest and upfront with the querent that you’re still learning Tarot. Below is the process I use to read Tarot for others that I have found to be quite effective.

6 Steps for Reading Tarot for Someone Else

  1. Charge the Deck – before giving readings, I like to make sure that my deck is fully charged. I do this by saging the cards before shuffling them. I also place the deck on a windowsill with direct light on a full moon to charge. You can also charge your deck by resting a crystal on top of it. Selenite, clear quartz and amethyst are all excellent choices.
  2. Location - decide where you would like to conduct your reading. It’s especially important to choose somewhere with as little disturbances as possible. I like to sage this space as well as myself before giving readings. Palo Santo and Florida water also work well to neutralize energy. 
  3. Meeting - greet your querent and make them feel comfortable in your space. Then, inform them that you are going to “tap in” for a moment. Close your eyes, quieten your mind and ask for what you need to know about this person. You may not receive anything at first or you may be hesitant to communicate what you see or sometimes hear. That’s ok. Keep doing this exercise as it will assist you in developing your intuition and connecting to another person’s energy.
  4. Shuffle - shuffle the deck with a clear objective and spread in mind. If you are giving a general reading, you may wish to ask what this person needs to know right now and present it as a Celtic Cross spread. If you want to be more specific, you may wish to choose another spread from the ones listed in the Spreads and Layouts section of the website.
  5. Cut the Deck - when you feel the cards are shuffled sufficiently, cut the deck and place them back together again. If you had any jumpers fly out, keep them. Read them first as they tend to offer the most important insight into the reading.
  6. Pull Cards - begin pulling the cards and expressing what you see. In the beginning, this may be quite challenging. That’s ok. Continue pulling the cards to uncover more of the story and give as much information as you can. Then, check in with the querent if they have not yet interjected, and ask them if they have any questions or anything they would like clarified. If you cannot find the answer to their question from the cards, or you are struggling to interpret what a card means in its particular placement in the spread, shuffle the cards until one jumps out or you feel compelled to stop. Place the card on top of the one you are trying to clarify and read the two together.

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