How to Read Tarot Cards for Yourself

Bonnie Jean

Reading for yourself can be a little tricky. We all have desired outcomes and expectations when we pull for ourselves and it’s easy to distort interpretations of the cards to match what we want to see, rather than what is. To alleviate this, conduct the reading as though you were doing it for someone else.

3 Steps to Read Tarot Cards for Yourself

  1. Get in the zone - first of all, it is important to meditate and calm your mind. Choose a quiet space, light some incense and find a comfortable spot to sit for at least ten minutes. Focus on your breathing and do not reprimand yourself if your mind wanders. It’s natural! Simply return your focus to your breathing. This will help clear your mind of daily clutter such as stress, anxiety and outside influences.
  2. Shuffle the cards - when you feel centered, think about what it is you would like clarity on and begin to shuffle the cards with this question in mind. When you feel that the cards are sufficiently shuffled, cut the deck.
  3. Pull the cards - imagine that there is a person sitting opposite you as you pull the cards. Allow any words or ideas to come up naturally and don’t filter them. As you speak for your imaginary querent, you will become aware of what the cards are trying to tell you. Take note. As always, when you have received all you can, go back and clarify anything that was confusing to you by shuffling and pulling a clarifier card on top of the unclear card in the spread.

As you become more experienced and develop your gut instinct, you may realize that you can pull cards objectively without manipulating the interpretation. However, in the beginning, my best advice is to read as though you are doing it for someone else. Try to pull cards daily so you can perfect your skills. Record yourself or keep a journal of what cards you pulled and what messages you received so you can circle back to it at a later date.

To improve your reading skills, please visit our complete guides on how to shuffle Tarot cards, Tarot spreads and layouts and how to read reversed Tarot cards. For further information on meditation, please check our guide on how to meditate effectively. I also offer private tuition on Tarot. Feel free to contact me to book.

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